16th Annual Eyeforpharma in Barcelona, Spain

Why Attend

If there’s one day when all pharma’s most significant stakeholders are not to be found in their offices – it’s the day of eyeforpharma conference in Barcelona. This year’s attendance amounts to 1200+ people, a whole 1200+ of networking opportunities and engaging debates on most acute challenges of the industry. Every healthcare company present at this event bears hopes of coming back to their places of business with a broader vision and fresh initiatives waiting to be implemented in their marketing strategies.

So what’s the ultimate prospect for pharma topic du jour of 2018? This year’s course places high emphasis on patient-empowered practices. Focus shifting from the pill onto the customer has finally come forward as a highly anticipated source of inspiration, inciting action and laying ground for new customer-oriented base. As a result of this major focus shift, the topic for fulfilling customer expectations and delivering comprehensive health solutions has become a matter of considerably increased interest. And that is where Viseven Group’s expertise comes in as evermore appropriate.

Being among pacesetters of digital concepts for pharma, Viseven Group is proud to be presenting our own Veeva integrated solution for HCP engagement at this event. Digital Content Factory, empowered by eWizard platform and seamless integrations with widely used systems like Veeva, serves as a proxy powerhouse for providing high quality digital content and its optimal reuse, which enables pharma managers to orchestrate most up-to-date content strategies for communications with HCPs.

Seize your chance to get to know more about digital solutions ahead of the curve – using our $200 discount on your pass price on top when registering online here. Then find us at booth #44, where we will be gladly presenting our Digital Content Factory solution or contact us now to participate in our workshop. Come around!

The Workshop

How to boost multichannel strategy with Digital Content Factory: bringing together powerful technology, streamlined vendor collaboration, precise budgeting and content localization

During the course of #efpbarcelona, our digital content professionals will be conducting a specialized workshop to demonstrate how to set up a comprehensive physicians’ engagement system and result in driving patient outcomes.

Pharma digital content has already proven a number of times its efficiency in building value relations with healthcare professionals. Yet, some challenges with its creation, adaptation, and distribution are still there. Namely, decreasing content lifecycle, prolonged time-to-market, budget constraints, communication with services providers, and so on. To streamline all the content-related processes, the need for a single solution to handle all of them arises. So, our workshop is aimed at covering all the nuances of commercial assets production and the possibilities to minimize risks while accelerating digital supply chain. We will touch upon:

  • The nuances of commercial assets production, minimizing risks and accelerating digital supply chain;
  • How to unify all the stakeholders within one platform for optimizing content development on the basis of templating approach;
  • Transparency of budget allocation and prediction (with reduced costs on adopting the ready-made digital content by the affiliates);
  • Speeded up time-to-market with automatic content publishing to Veeva Vault PromoMats, CRM etc.

Finally, we will put the acquired knowledge into practice and imitate the real-life situation, going through the whole content lifecycle. That will help us to see what issues can emerge during digital assets creation and management, and how to address them. We encourage you to participate and be ac in discussion during our interactive workshop and networking exhibition areas at this event.

The Schedule

Customer engagement, real-world evidence collection, value provision, trust strengthening initiatives – find the odd one out in pharma’s ongoing transformation. An experienced pharma marketing professional quickly identifies the catch – there is no outsider option here! And so believe the agenda designers for this huge event of the pharmaceutical industry. Take a look at the spectrum of keynote topics for this year:

  • Be the solution you want to see: Create a holistic digital package, which delivers outcomes and creates real value.
  • You, the trusted source: Become your customer’s immediate go-to for authentic knowledge, reinventing your relationships
  • Next-gen experience: See how a new digital culture uses tech and data to transform your engagement and communication plan
  • Beyond partnerships: Align with key stakeholders at the world’s largest meeting for commercial pharma

To see the full event agenda, which includes various panel discussions and workshops, visit the efpbarcelona website and consider downloading the brochure.

The Venue

About 500 meters from the sea shore, the modern CCIB is easily a perfect seafront esplanade for brainstorming trends and building collaborations. Not only is the architectural design inspirational; contemporary accommodation sites in the midst of 22@Barcelona district and infrastructure are, to say the least, neat, supporting and inspiring. The conference hall is easy to reach from the airport or city center (around 20 minutes along central roads). Modern facilities and the overall atmosphere of the place provide a perfect, calm place for intellectual work and talk. We are excited to see you around!


Дата: 13/03/2018 - 15/03/2018

Время: All Day

Стоимость: additional partner discount $200




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Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB), Barcelona

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