17th Annual Eyeforpharma in Barcelona, Spain

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2019 Special Outline

A sterling opportunity for pharma leaders to deepen expertize, broaden professional horizons and strengthen connections is drawing nearer with every passing day. A whole lot of 1300+ professionals are preparing to discuss the latest trends and sum up latest industry achievements this March.
And as pharma finds itself at the crossroads of impressive tech, commercial innovation and patient centricity, this year’s eyeforpharma Barcelona shifts its focus towards digital transformation and revolutionary dynamics it causes in lifesciences.

Among the main themes holding court at this annual event will be:

  • Delivering real value through patient-centric mindset and reaching outcomes best for the patient;
  • Shaping a holistic view of the customer through tech and team alignment;
  • Wrapping your head around the digital revolution and the interconnected future it enables;
  • Expanding practices of prevention and regeneration.

Just as every actor has a voice during eyeforpharma, be it pharma companies, digital solution providers, patient group initiatives, entrepreneurs or start-ups – it remains equally important that this conversation continues beyond the scope of the event.

Seize your chance to participate in the conversation – just use code Viseven400 as $400 discount on your pass price when registering online. Do not miss out on a great networking and learning opportunity! See you there– actually and digitally – at #efpbarcelona.

Digital Agenda

Discussing the emerging tech and its influence on pharma–stakeholders relationship is long overdue. This year’s eyeforpharma features a strong technical narrative with everything that the web has been buzzing for a year: chatbots, AI, machine learning, genomics and much more in stock. Is this even a lifescience conference anymore? Just take a look at the digital side of the things that will be touched upon, as pharma will be sharing the stage with 8 start-ups:

Key Digital Themes to be discussed at this pharma summit:

  • Change the conversation: how to develop a more authentic partnership with customer and HCPs;
  • Harness technology: how to gain traction with efficient customer interactions and CX;
  • Expand on your partnership: how to enhance existing connections and build new ones – from physicians, patients and beyond.

To see the full event agenda, which includes various panel discussions, workshops and break-out sessions, visit efpbarcelona website and consider downloading the brochure. Don’t miss out on groundbreaking moments!

Our contribution

Workshop on sustainable mindset towards content: how to create content beyond systems, channels and devices 

As always, we are staying on the cutting-edge side of digital things. So what we are bringing with this time is Multichannel, you’ve been doing it wrong insights. Over this year, we’ve noticed that as content production has increased exponentially but disharmoniously into “moderate to enormous” amounts, our customers started seeking new forms of content creation, with reusing the existing assets considered the top alternative. Tailoring and repurposing same content to suit different audiences has become a brave new trend in pharma marketing, and the power of universality that comes with it is very much in fashion.

Imagine creating sustainable content that exists out of the box, be it device, format or even content type, with resulting channel-agnostic content that can be published to systems of your choice. This is what our workshop will be about.

Our workshop  is aimed to discuss the most innovative and sustainable ways to create content that exists beyond design, beyond format and beyond device. Our new approach looks into the future of fragmentation through the lens of global cloud-based systems. 

Here’s a video snapshot of what our workshop will be centered around. Sounds interesting?– contact us now to sign up and ask your questions! We’ll be happy to elaborate.

The Venue

A well-organized venue makes for half of the event’s success, especially if it’s a humble 1300+ C-suites get-together. Tempered by the time, lively discussions and multinational audience requirements, the old faithful CCIB is a perfect facility for a yearly reunion of lifesciences’ most active voices.

Your destination is just a 2o-minute drive-up from the airport, with a shopping center, public transportation and a wide choice of restaurants just a step away. With lots of small workshop rooms and big keynotes auditoriums, the conference hall is easy to navigate for both newcomers and old-timers for building collaborations and sharing insights.

And as you get immersed in the ambiance of the event, take a moment to rest your eyes on the sea-sky horizon seen from the 2nd floor and higher. Modern architecture and the overall atmosphere of the place provide a perfect, calm place for intellectual work, small and big talk alike. Might as well just take a stroll along the sea front to digest all the great insights and enjoy the company of the great minds around.


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12/03/2019 - 14/03/2019
All Day
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Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB), Barcelona
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