3 tips for agencies to be a valuable part of Pharma’s Digital transformation

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Needless to say, each agency is expected to fit perfectly into pharma’s requirements. That is, if that agency wants to maintain long lasting relationships, creating content of really high quality is one of the most important priority. However, how can digital agency leverage its results from just mediocre to perfectly great? In particular, analyzing, examining and understanding a pharma’s customer needs and requests – is a core task for any digital agency on the way to successful business relations and greater outcomes. Therefore, in order to provide high quality digital products, agency should ensure that those products are tailored, scalable, code-compliant, and adoptable across different areas. The free webinar on Tuesday, June 26th starting at 4:00 PM – 4.30 PM (CEST) will reveal the solutions for exactly these questions:

  • How to become award-winning agency
  • How to accelerate high quality digital content creation
  • What exactly does pharma expect form your agency
  • What are those main tips to be a valuable part of pharma’s digital transformation

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3 tips for agencies to be a valuable part of Pharma’s Digital Transformation process

26/6/20184:00pm CEST30 minutes

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