5 tips to facilitate face-to-face communication with HCPs - rep vs. physician view

The world is speeding up. Even HCPs are in a hurry – according to statistics, most physicians can only spent a meager 13 minutes on a single patient. That, in turn, puts gigantic pressure on med reps worldwide. Instead of the 6 minutes they typically had for the entire call in the past, hardly anyone will grant them more than three. Three minutes to make a presentation, provide accurate data, collect KPIs, and build a valuable customer relationship? No wonder just around 1/3 of med reps actually succeed. Is there a way to handle the issue?

Apparently, there are several. Using technical means, for instance, is known to stretch the actual call duration a bit, all the while intensifying the process. To get a useful insight on how to use such technologies for optimal face-to-face interaction, join our free webinar on 10.11.16 at 16.30 PM (CET).


Дата: 10/11/2016

Время: 16:00

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