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The whole life sciences industry is currently in the process of developing alternative solutions to upgrade customers’ experiences. An agency of today must juggle rich content, split-second localization, integrations availability of modification anytime, so on and so forth… As the lifecycle of digital content demands is being grown, how should an agency keep up with the avalanche of requirements saddled by its numerous life science customers?

Here is the point: to handle pharma’s demands efficiently, they could be backed up by an advanced technology that helps achieve goals even in tough business conditions. 

During the free webinar, our experts are going to deliver unique insights from the practical experience of Pharma-agency relationship orchestration. These are some of the questions the webinar will cover:

  • What is the landscape of pharma-agency relationships? 
  • What are pharma’s challenges? How can an agency mitigate them?  
  • How a well-coordinated flow of collaboration should be enabled? 

 The speakers are:

Marie Mistral Fruit, Omnichannel Program Director and Pharmaceutical Marketing Consultant 

Maria Protsyuk, Strategic Marketing Lead at Viseven

Our webinar will be held on May 28, 2020, at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET. Fill in the registration form to secure your seat now.

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