Check out how to evolve your expertise in Veeva in a fast and easy way

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So the enterprise Veeva-powered infrastructure is already in place, and you are ready to reap the benefits of seamless digital workflows…

Congrats on the savvy move! How self-sufficient is the department, though, when it comes to managing what you have? Are there things you wish you didn’t need an agency for?

The smartest of pharma managers and executives have already been asking that question for some time, striving to acquire Veeva expertise – but not by wasting too much effort on the goal. It turns out, they are right to feel optimistic!

Hear what exactly can be done to ensure easier, more transparent and confident work with Veeva, at our webinar. Among the key points which will be discussed, are:

  • What Veeva processes are best done by pharma departments in-house;
  • Where to look for tools with intuitive content publish facilities;
  • How to handle the publishing settings in less time and with perfect correctness.

The registration for this webinar has passed. However, you can still request the recording. To get your copy, use the form below – and be in the know about more opportunities for digital efficiency!

Check out how to evolve your expertise in Veeva in a fast and easy way  

26/7/20184:00pm CEST30 minutes

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