How to raise engagement with email, remote detailing, online and face-2-face interactions

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Pharma companies are cutting down their traditional customer approaches in favor of reaching higher levels of interaction. Current marketplace conditions in pharma industry require brand managers to create instant-reachable solutions while boosting their connections with healthcare professionals. Fortunately, the industry is overcoming conservative one-size-fits-all tactics which no longer serve while building up long-term partnerships. More than ever before, pharma is struggling to cater to each doctor’s individual needs.

How can we effectively match pharma messages with the most appropriate communication channel and strengthen personalized engagement? The free webinar on Thursday, May 24, will discuss some of the most efficient solutions available today:

  • gathering and analyzing precisely all data regarding the HCP’s preferences
  • tracking which channel fits better with each  individual customer and appears more beneficial
  • developing new communication strategies relying on newest gathered data
  • embedding remote interactions into your existing strategy
  • ensuring the level of email personalization your audience deserves

For instance, using latest sales weekly data can help pharma marketers to distinguish which channel would be best delivered. Would it be email, face-2-face visit or just one remote call after working day?

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Create a personalized engagement strategy across channels: how to drive traffic & raise engagement with email, remote detailing

24/5/20183:00pm CEST30 minutes

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