eLearning for efficient sales force growth

Today’s rapidly changing pharma market landscape demands a lot from medical representatives. Well-trained and knowledgeable field reps are the driving force, which determines the future of company brand development – they are the ones who bridge the gap between pharma and HCPs. Well, how can sales reps reach their pro level faster and perform at their best in the field? Receiving quality education should be a priority.

Various eLearning apps are equally useful for both HCPs and patients. Our experts will explain you the key benefits of online education. Take a look at some outstanding results that can be achieved:

  • eLearning results in high costs savings due to a reduction of trainings session time
  • Educational materials can be used as many times as needed even on mobile devices
  • Constant in-time support and consistency in quality information that is always fresh
  • eLearning is highly flexible: materials are changed and updated on a regular basis
  • Online trainings can be conducted from everywhere as they’re not tied to a physical location

Get free access to our webinar, that is already available on-demand and learn more how to provide excellent training to the personnel of pharmaceutical organizations without disrupting their work anytime, anywhere.


Дата: 29/05/2019

Время: 16:00 - 16:30

Стоимость: FREE