Engage like Amazon? Mission possible: omnichannel marketing for pharma

The popularity of omnichannel approach is growing across all markets and regions, leaving multichannel behind. Giants like Amazon, Disney, and Starbucks have already built their own omnichannel digital marketing strategies.  

What about pharma companies? The industry has just started taking steps in multichannel realities, suddenly unveiling that marketing strategy can be organized better much better. 

At present, there are no choices but to innovate further, evolving omnichannel and reinforcing true customer centricity. 

Here is where the myth starts: launching omnichannel is time-budget-efforts-consuming«. But what if someone told you it’s just that – an urban legend? In reality, omnichannel is achievable. 

The webinar on November 5 uncovered the “how to” of the matter. Our experts Dr. Kenneth Sanchez – talented Chief Officer at Viseven USA-Canada-LATAM, who has demonstrated record of success in leading Sales, Marketing, Business /Commercial Excellence functions, and Oksana Matviienko, CMO at Viseven, who is a true professional in innovative approaches, customer engagement, successful key messages, digital content and eDetailing, shared their solid experience in pharma marketing strategies. 

Here are some questions that were addressed: 

  • What is the difference between omnichannel and multichannel? 
  • How to ensure the appropriate interpretation of data and track effectiveness of marketing campaigns? 
  • Best case studies of omnichannel marketing: how do Amazon do it and how pharma can follow success 
  • How to save costs and time on generating more content for omnichannel? 

There have been great visions and promises around omnichannel. Now it’s time to learn to stay in touch with customers right from the beginning and support them through the whole journey.  

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Дата: 05/11/2019

Время: 11:00 - 12:00

Стоимость: FREE