eWizard Platform for Omnichannel: a Year in Review & 2020 Plan

2019 is almost over and the new year is close. As each one brings something new to eWizard performance and functionality, it’s time to sum up:

  • What has been done?
  • What has happened to eWizard?
  • Where are we now?
  • and map out where we are heading.

For 6 years in a row, eWizard platform proved to be the reliable omnichannel platform for pharma companies worldwide, and at the same time – the unique solution for omnichannel content creation. Recently we’ve introduced the integration of eWizard with AEM, the next step is the implementation of AI, chatbots, and more topnotch features to sustain real omnichannel performance. As you may notice, more integrated pharma content solutions are waiting ahead.

Together with our omnichannel specialists, we will dive into a quick recap of the significant achievements and throw more light on what is waiting for us in 2020. Goals, accomplishments, predictions, perspectives… With no limit to perfection, the magic of eWizard platform isn’t going to stop. The omnichannel excellence lies one inch ahead – and now it is in your hands.

The upcoming year promises much more than you can even expect.

Great news: this webinar recording is already available — just contact us and we’ll send you the link! (Or use the form below.)


Дата: 19/12/2019

Время: 15:30 - 16:00

Стоимость: FREE