Gain the progressive momentum for digital enterprise. Essential checklist for 2018

If your company has chosen the digital path, you should be ready to keep up with all the latest trends not to lag behind the competition. Over the past decade, most of the old approaches to pharma-HCPs communication are losing their positions. The doctors and pharmacists become digital natives and demand more and more quality online information in diverse formats. That challenges pharma companies to be fast with digital assets production and delivery.

To help you pick the ultimate approach to supplying the HCPs’ need for digital content, we have analyzed industry best practices and prepared an extract for you. During our 30-minutes free webinar, you will get the idea of:

  • How to create impactful VR and AR content;
  • How to build the ultimate customer journey via multiple touchpoints (remote communication included);
  • What an ideal piece of content looks like and how to get the most of customer data (plus advanced analytics with Veeva MyInsights);
  • How to keep the key message and branding consistent on global and local levels: single content hub and pre-designed Master Templates;
  • Transparent yearly budget planning for each product line.

To get all those insights, sign up for our webinar, which will take place on January 30th, at 4 p.m. CET.


Дата: 30/01/2018

Время: 16:00 - 16:30

Стоимость: FREE