How To Automate Global To Local Content Marketing Activities

“Think Global, Act Local” is a universal mantra repeated by a number of companies while planning new brand strategy. The idea is clear: global campaigns often fail to touch the spot on the the local level. That’s why it is important to adapt the universal idea, localize content in order to resonate in every regional market, while maintaining brand consistency. Easy to say, but difficult to do.

The main challenge is to unite the efforts of your local and global teams. When a marketer starts creating a campaign from scratch, he has to suggest new concept, design, and request for development that will be followed by long approval and distribution process. But let’s imagine you have an access to all digital content once created at your company, which can be analyzed by effectiveness, previewed to get inspiration and reused. Pretty smart? But to do that you need a single platform that will become a unified workplace for all teams and change the way they share ideas, edit, approve content and launch new marketing campaigns.
The theory is clear but how to apply it to real marketing campaigns?

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Дата: 20/04/2017

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