How to make the most of your Veeva content: from creation to dissemination

Is your organization using Veeva suite to drive your multichannel strategy? If so, you are already a member of the empowered pharma marketing club.

Chances are, though, you still have some possibilities for your content management that you’re not even aware of. The full potential of Veeva CRM / Veeva Vault PromoMats as the platform and “single source of truth” is a whole universe.

Start opening up these opportunities to get the most of your available content. A group of experts from Viseven, a certified Veeva partner, have prepared a free webinar for you to achieve these heights.

In half an hour you will know:

  • How to benefit from “single source of truth” at all stages of content lifecycle from creation to dissemination;
  • What can allow you to track content use and performance with minute precision;
  • Why advanced handling global master templates for your digital assets can lead to better results in the regions;
  • What additional benefits of the system you can “activate” with smart integrations;
  • and still more.

The free webinar recording is now available to download. Let your strategy get the maximum value from the colossal system you already have!


Дата: 27/06/2019

Время: 17:00 - 17:30

Стоимость: FREE