MCM trends to close the loop in medical rep — physician — patient communication

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The three of them will hardly ever meet, save for a pure coincidence. Yet, if it happened, the whole pharma marketing thing might become easier for a moment. We are talking about the pharma representative, the physician and the end consumer – the patient. Companies are losing ridiculous sums at times just because they lack the info any HCP would tell them (if there was time). Doctors complain of insufficient patient feedback, and patients… Well, apparently they just google things around, whole ¾ of them – and before each appointment. They are looking for your products (although they don’t know it yet).

So, if you’re in pharma, how do you close that marketing loop? Where do you get all those three people together? The answer is simple: everywhere at a time. That’s the brief definition of multichannel marketing – and if you’re interested in how exactly to win at it – register for the free webinar on 08.12.2016 at 4.30 (CET).

MCM trends to close the loop in medical rep - physician - patient communication.

8/12/20164:30pm CET30 minutes

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