How to unlock the power of mobile apps for HCP and patient engagement

Everyone knows the power of the mobile app now: convenience, speed, control — all within the reach of your hand. However, not everyone can master mobile’s full powers. Mobile apps have already proved to be a great mediator within the tricky structure of communication between pharma, healthcare professionals and patients. So how can a pharma marketer seamlessly join the mobile channel into their engagement strategies? Some background know-how will definitely not hurt here.

At our hour-long webinar, we are touching upon the most successful use cases of mobile app implementation:

  • Patient-centric or HCP-centric? Mobile can do both!
  • How to increase brand awareness via a custom-made mobile app campaign?
  • What is the place of mobile apps within omnichannel strategies?
  • Mobile apps trends in Life Sciences — what is going on in 2019?

Our webinar is featuring experts with a wide experience in digital pharma marketing. So don’t miss out on the most efficient ways and cases of mobile app implementation in pharma-HCP-patient triangle — get your copy of the webinar right here!


Дата: 16/04/2019

Время: 16:00 - 16:30

Стоимость: FREE