Multichannel content in 2019. What foundations were laid last year and how to use them to win

Multichannel journey through 2018 has been long and versatile, and the places it’s taken us this time are truly astonishing. But you must have noticed it as well: something’s different about multichannel content this year, but just can’t pin it down what exactly? We’re here for that. Some important groundwork has been completed for everyone in pharma dealing with multichannel content. Those include a couple of slight tweaks and at least one tectonical shift. Knowing what those factors are will significantly help you in figuring out the gold-mine direction for the year to come.

  1. Which parts of the multichannel concept have changed, perhaps, irrevocably?
  2. Which content has suprised everyone with its unexplected popularity?
  3. How did email become templatized and what can be done about that?
  4. Which channels have been lagging behind this year?
  5. What kind of content HCPs are craving for in 2019?

These and lots of other issues and troubling questions are covered at our free webinar. Download your recording right below and make sure 2019 is your M-year!


Дата: 17/01/2019

Время: 16:00 - 16:30

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