New Commercial Team on the digital scene: how to support the transformation

More than 70% of traditional commercial transformations fail due to pharma inability to quickly adopt new technology and required skill set. Digital transformation turned to be more than just absorbing innovation, it requires new strategy and approaches for every team member and the organization as a whole.

Building cross-functional teams responsible for digital content creation is a new challenge that requires significant courage and leadership. Let’s have a closer look at new roles, that every successful marketing team should have:

  • Brand/Product Manager – has a complete picture of available content and channels;
  • Medical advisor – reviews the content at a final point of validation;
  •  IT representative is responsible for digital content distribution;
  •  Digital Content Manager – a link person between the external agency & marketing team.

Though, just creating new roles is not enough. The team should have the right channels and tools at their disposal to quickly respond to ever-changing market demands.

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Дата: 23/03/2017

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