Omnichannel communication strategy for pharma marketing in 2020: get the most of your digital content

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“Omnichannel or multichannel” – that is the question. Popularity of omnichannel approach is growing all over the world, especially in digital era of pharma marketing. How many companies have already started to use this approach? Does preparation of digital content for omnichannel approach have specific features? Does it all mean that multichannel is lagging behind? Our experts with 10—years’ experience in content creation will talk about differences between omni- and multichannel approach and show you useful tips for successful digital marketing strategy.

We will discuss the following questions:

  • What pros and cons of launching omnichannel approach?
  • Which resources should pharma brand manager use for changing marketing strategy?
  • What are the differences between omni- and multichannel approach?

…and more questions.

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