Reinforce your message across channels: how to create efficient content for email, face-to-face and remote meetings

A boring email a day will keep the doctor away, as this saying probably goes for pharma marketers. What makes an HCP really listen to your marketing message? Is it the wow-effect? Variety of channels? Availability? Repetition? Consistency? As a matter of fact, it’s all of the above. Altogether this is called multichannel engagement strategy and that’s what you should be after if you want to make your message audible and impactful.

A multiple-level question like this would take a solid conversation to figure out. That’s why at our webinar, dedicated to this subject, we will be covering various aspects of multichannel engagement, such as:

  • P for Potential: how to leverage the full potential of email, face-to-face and remote communication
  • C for Consistency: how to make your message tell stories that reinforce each other throughout channels
  • K for KPI: how to make the impact of your message measurable: quality and quantity-wise

and a good deal of other aspects of handling multichannel engagement like a pro. Get your copy of the webinar recording by using the form below – and learn how to deliver a unified message through diversified channels!


Дата: 28/08/2018

Время: 16:00 - 16:30

Стоимость: FREE