Pharma’s digital landscape: the evolution of multichannel strategy

Pharmaceutical marketers are increasingly native multichannel practitioners, but building an effective and efficient campaign is challenging.
This is also because the digital landscape, and the number of options available is still rapidly evolving.
What are the best ways to choose the right channels and the right content? And how can you plan to optimize operations further by cutting down on costs and approval times?
This webinar brings together experts in digital marketing with case studies from a leading pharmaceutical company to keep you up to date with the latest technology and trends and provide practical advice on how to maximize your impact.
Within one hour, you’ll discover how to optimize and streamline all content-related processes within a single platform: starting with concept development and ending with the final launch. What is more, you will find out how to reuse and repurpose your ready-made content cost-effectively, as well as save time while adapting and updating content through its whole lifecycle.
•How to develop best practice and a winning multichannel strategy
•Making sure your content supports face-to-face interactions
•Transforming the commercial teams to deliver successful digital and multichannel projects
•How to innovate in multichannel, and the potential of future integration solutions



Дата: 19/09/2017

Время: 16:00 - 17:15

Стоимость: Бесплатно



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