Remote Communication in Pharma Companies: How can your agency take Advantage of the Market Shift

The worldwide pandemic has led to a big marketing shift in the Pharma industry. Remote lines of communication have become more important than ever before. Agencies must be quick to adapt to the “new normal” brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic – or be left behind.

But how to make the process of creating the marketing material for new channels and systems less expensive, resource-heavy and time-consuming? Modular approach makes your content (be it a website, e-Detailer, newsletter, email) way more comprehensive, traceable, and reusable. Flexible modular content is your selling point as it can be easily adapted to remote communication and can later be reused in other channels — embodying the true essence of cross-channel marketing.

Only a few challenges remain:
— how should agencies adapt to the shift in channels usage (FtF vs remote)?
— what are the most frequent requests from Pharma at the moment?
— what should be emphasized in your digital strategy?

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Дата: 23/04/2020

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