The Value of Modular Content Supply Chain: Make Brand Messages Circulate in Your Omnichannel System

Omnichannel is a strange system where all the elements (content, communication channels, platforms, etc.) are interconnected. Just as our brain and heart cannot function separately — it is not enough just to build aomnichannel architecture and expect it to bear fruit. 

That’s why pharma marketers are looking for a way to leverage a content supply chain and make the content circulate through the omnichannel system 

The upcoming webinar is dedicated to a deep discussion of a more flexible approach to content creation that can make it circulate in a cohesive, customer-centered way. 

Themes of the discussion 

  • 5 characteristics of intelligent content 
  • How to use modular content in omnichannel marketing strategy 
  • The role of modular content in advanced personalization 
  • Limitless possibilities of modular approach in the content supply chain 

Join us on Thursday, September 24, 04:00 PM CEST and open up an approach that is meant to revitalize the omnichannel system and make it work.  


Дата: 24/09/2020

Время: 16:00 - 17:00

Стоимость: FREE