Tips to Make Your Digital Projects Highly Successful in 2018

Don’t think projects, think strategies. Even if these strategies belong to your customers’ ultimate global offices. Okay, maybe this is a bit too harsh of a statement for digital agencies, but then… You’ll still want to make sure that whatever task your team gets, it is executed just the way your customers see it. This is success, and it relies on oh so many factors – so it’s helpful to keep track of them.

This is what the free webinar on Thursday, February 15th, 16:30 CET, will be all about – being aware of those things that make for neatly implemented projects. Building upon huge experience of content development for pharma and life sciences, the expert hosts will provide an overview of the most important factors in today’s content scene:

  • How interactive pharma eDetailing is evaluated, and what the bonus points are for the agency making it;
  • What global companies mean by content reuse (or reusable content) – and why they keep asking whether you are certified by Veeva or IQVIA;
  • In what ways the notion of ideal email content has evolved – and how it affects the very processes of creating it.

You can use this link or the form below to register for the webinar, and see how the different tips from different regions and markets can be applied to your own agency’s projects.


Дата: 15/02/2018

Время: 16:30 - 17:00

Стоимость: FREE