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    Trends come and go, they say – but in digital world, they rather tend to stay and accumulate, only to form the basis for some agency’s new competitive edge. In life sciences marketing content, pharma’s strategic behavior affects the projects they request – and, simultaneously, tech advances trigger pharma’s tactic paradigm shifts.

    It’s now end of the year, and a good time for each agency to try and imagine what’s coming. What trends will dominate your customers’ minds? Here’s the trick: with the rising role of global offices, strategies transcend regional borders so much that you can’t know what the next big thing is – unless you look outside of your usual sphere of work.

    The free webinar on Tuesday, December 19th, at 4:00 PM CET will provide exactly this sort of insights. After 30 minutes you will know the answers to:

    • What’s changed in pharma content and what’s about to change?
    • Will there be just eDetailing or something besides?
    • Why simply creating content is only half the deal.

    You can join the webinar via this link or using the form below. Be aware of what’s about to get all too relevant soon!

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