Veeva Summit Connect 2021

At a time when we all have been isolated and separated for such a long time, communication is the best medicine. This goes well for pharma digital communications, too. This time Veeva Commercial and Medical Summit is up to connect you with the best tech and strategic minds in the field!

Meet industry leaders, experts, and peers who transform commercial strategy and drive digital transformation and hear about the latest innovations and breakthroughs.

How it works

At the Keynotes, you can join the industry leaders who will share the latest insights and unveil the perspective on the future of life sciences digital transformation.

Further, participants can choose between large Sessions that include live discussions with industry leaders and enjoy dedicated time to join small 15-minute interactive meetings (Connect) to crystallize the most useful pieces of information and CONNECT MORE.

How to engage with even greater impact? – Have Fun together. After the Close, all participants of the summit, including their families, are invited to join virtual escape rooms, cooking classes, karaoke, and other engaging activities.

Veeva Summit Connect 2021 agenda

Viseven connects

At Viseven, we keep our ears to the ground when it comes to innovations, thus, we never miss the annual Veeva Summit that for many years serves as a great platform for fresh ideas and facilitator of many innovative takes in pharma.

This year is not an exception… Lately, the introduction modular approach by Veeva has become the industry’s number one hot news. The availability of this solution in Veeva Vault PromoMats, as well as its facilitation in content authoring by Viseven, is the promise not just to make the complex content production process simpler and faster — but to give birth to something more than that: intelligent content experiences.

How? It calls to change the nature of the content we produce and make it more flexible, universal, and channel-agnostic. From now it is destined to live in flexible modular units that can further be used in different channels and all required contexts.

This approach is currently operating in the biggest global pharmaceutical companies.

What does it provide? The upcoming Veeva Summit is about to open more detail on the modular approach success cases. 

Viseven is among the firsts who have started to implement modular content practices alongside Veeva for several years proving tools for efficient management and creation of relevant digital content on the side of smart eWizard content experience platform.

Let’s join together Veeva Commercial & Medical North America Summit Connect on June 10 to collaborate and exchange ideas and catalyze each other’s powers along the road to digital perfection.


Дата: 10/06/2021

Время: All Day

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